Purchase funding has been secured.  We did have to take out a loan that has been guaranteed by a local supporter.  Thanks to everyone who helped in any way to achieve this goal!  The mission continues....

The building has been purchased with your help!!!

Work on clean up has begun.  Plans are underway for creation of a facility for the community.  Thank You and please stay involved.

Phase II has begun.  Rehabilitation is underway.


-Regarding the E. I. Terry Company Store Building

By creating a nonprofit organization to purchase this property, preserving the structure, and developing it as a community center for public use, this piece of Peterstown’s history can NOW remain a historic landmark in town.
FYI- The building is about 80 years old. This masonry structure is fundamentally sound. It needs rehabilitation of some basics - plumbing, wiring, heating, restrooms. The rubber roof has been maintained.  Inspections by a building contractor and an engineer indicate that the integrity and character of the building are still there and rehabilitation can be done. The owners gave us two months to raise $80,000 to raise the purchase price.  With help from many sources, including a generous individual who provided collateral for a loan, and First National Bank, Peterstown, PPG,  Inc. now owns the Terry Building.

The “Save a Brick” campaign continues.   $10 you can save one brick.  There are different levels of contribution and you will be recognized for your donation.

The exposed brick wall is in great shape and will be a beautiful feature in the facility.

Phase II will be renovations of the building which will require lots of labor, materials, etc. and additional funds.